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Keep your Organization Vibrant

For quite a long time we have been raised in a context in which we believed the world is predictable. Running a business was much about problem solving and planning that aimed at reducing uncertainty. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and managers are facing increasing demand from multiple directions, with challenges that do not stop growing in size and scope. The myth of predictability is gone. + Read More

Courage for negative feedback

“And did you tell him?“ “No, not directly, I did not want to demotivate him!” Are you familiar with this dialog? Most of us shy away from giving negative feedback, whether at home or in the job. Do you think that it could help your employees to know what they can improve in your opinion? Yes? Then have the courage. Give more critical feedback. + Read More

Agents of Change

Letting go things that are no longer useful and saying yes to the new, to the development and realization of our potentials – on the one hand liberating, on the other hand an uncomfortable process – is an integral part of our lives. It is necessary to keep people and companies vibrant and thus to create the basis for success.

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