The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs (1955-2011, US manager, co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc)


The network partners of YUMURI are connected by the vision to associate executives and organizations with their own strength and exuberance so that they recognize their potentials more clearly, develop them and are able to solve problems in a more constructive way to shape the future successfully.

Besides the shared vision we are united by the fact that all network partners dispose of longstanding operational work and leadership experience and contribute this knowledge to the consultation. We are utterly convinced that diversity in the management team represents an added value. Therefore, we also have a wide, heterogeneous network of people and organizations which we cooperate with in our projects. The difference of characters and the variety of expert opinions within our network often results in lively discussions and convincing results for our customers.



Network partners:

Simone Brecht

Organizational Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

My current guiding principle:
«There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.»
Marshall McLuhan



Magdalena Schatzmann

Facilitator, Coach and Musician

My current guiding principle:
«The key for strength is NOT doing what is familiar to you.»
Carlos Castaneda


Petra Voss

Organizational Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

My current guiding principle:
«Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.»  Mother Teresa



Julia Wolfson

Organizational Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

My current guiding principle:
Change happens, breath by breath, phase by phase, whether as a result of pressures from the inside-out, from the outside-in and/or simply being moved by the spirit of the community, the organization and the times.



Stephanie Bachmair – facilitator und story worker

Michaela Ehinger – coach, trainer & actress

Ariane Grundmann – organizational consultant

Thomas Hohlfeld – strategic consulting & cooperation management

Susanne Kahle – digital consultant

Uwe Mainzer  – strategic consulting and training



Persons and organizations inspiring us:

Max & Ellen Schupbach

Classical leadership looks at achieving results through rational business strategies in which clients, competitors, and team problems within an organization are considered opponents to be overcome. Evolutionary Leadership sees all of these as part of a larger system and builds relationships between them. … The Evolutionary Leader understands that we need sustainable relationships in stakeholder organizations. Businesses, vendors, distribution networks, customers, and policy makers must work together within a larger context that includes the entire society and the environment. Business evolves into community building, where profit is no longer the primary goal but a necessary side product of a vision that brings something of value to the world.

Max Schupbach, Evolutionary leadership


Arny & Amy Mindell

If you strive to do too much, you may be relying on your power instead of awareness. Insecurity occurs if you try to do something without feeling inspired. We do not need you as a leader for world change. Change is inherent in people and nature. You need awareness, not power, to notice and follow the changes.

Arny Mindell, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums


Dr. Gerald Hüther


Marc O’Brien